Dec2014CoverAnnuities – More than Just an Income Rider

by Dan White  •   When a client walks away from a meeting, make sure they walk away comfortable, confident and resolved to work with you. Align your solutions with your client’s needs and everything will fall into place.

Dental and Vision – Individual Dental and Vision: A New Profit Center?

by David White  •  Private dental and vision exchanges allow brokers to offer individual dental and vision with little or no effort to an increasingly interested clientele.

Salons, Spas, Tanning and Eye Exams – Why Vision Insurance Is Crucial To Personal Maintenance – And Why Employers Should Care

by J. Keith Pellerin   •  Many vision plans offer nothing beyond discounted services and basic coverage within a small provider network. Wise employers will look for policies that provide basic benefits, such as eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses and, depending upon the state and policy selected, other benefits such as coverage for eye disorders and diseases, eye surgery and even permanent vision impairment.

California Dreamin’ Is Just a Smile Away

by Mark Roberts  •  When you think of dazzling smiles, those Hollywood starlets most often come to mind. But most people in California have a difficult time keeping up with the Kardashians when it comes to their dental care.

2014 Voluntary – Benefits Survey

by Leila Morris  •  Voluntary employee-paid benefits are becoming more and more popular as employers struggle to offer employee benefits amid rising costs and shrinking budgets.  This survey of insurance carriers helps California insurance agents and brokers stay on top of plan changes from year to year. Many of the survey questions came directly from insurance agents in the state

Accident Insurance – A Compelling Argument for Accident Insurance in California 

by Dan Schmid  •  Start an accident insurance conversation with employers by outlining sports injury incidence rates that are relevant to their workforce. It can reshape how employers approach their benefit plan design and how they perceive your role as a consultative partner.

HSA Updates – HSA News

by Leila Morris  •  An overview of today’s HSA market.

Life Settlements – Nearing the Top of the Uphill Battle for Life Settlement Acceptance – Discovering an Overlooked Asset

by Douglas Himmel  •  Professionals who are working with transitioning or troubled companies have an obligation to maximize the value of all assets for the benefit of all parties involved.

Retained Death Benefits offer Seniors Immediate Cash Liquidity and Peace of Mind

by Stephen E. Terrell •   The life settlement industry brings truly great news for seniors who are looking for flexible retirement options. The most significant industry development in years offers seniors a way to have it both ways: gain access to immediate cash while providing for loved ones and future generations.

Is Withholding Information About Life Settlements a Breach of Fiduciary Duty?

by Sean Quinn  •  While it is clear that settling a policy is not always the right solution, there are occasions when, not only is it the correct solution, it may also be financially beneficial to the client.

Life Insurance – Looking at the Year Ahead, A Life Insurance Producer’s Four-Point Plan of Success

by Kenneth A. Shapiro  •  Life insurance producers face each new year intending to make it the best one yet. But as we all know, it takes more than even the best intentions to be successful in our business.