August2014CoverProtecting the Vision of Outdoor Workers

by Sandra CormierOutdoor workers value their vision plans, perhaps because many have never had these benefits.

Broker Boot Camp: Getting Lean and Mean For ACA Competition

Agent Success Stories How the Affordable Care Act Is Driving Insurance Brokers to New Marketing Strategies

by Jeremiah DesmaraisThe dizzying choices, computer overload, and constant online glitches have created an enormous opportunity for producers to address the growing need for affordable and effective health coverage.

Self-Funding News: The Latest on the Self-Funding Landscape.

Self-Funded Dental Benefits: A Creative Option for Employers

by Jason SzczukaFor a growing number of California employers, self-insuring dental benefits is a cost-effective option.

The Affordable Care Act Boosts the Popularity of Discount Health Plans

by Jim WilkDiscount health plans are quickly gaining popularity for those with and without health insurance. Consumers pay a modest monthly fee for access to significant discounts through a national and prominent network of health and wellness providers and services.

HSA Growth — A Hockey Stick On the Graph

by Chris BettnerHSA growth charts look like hockey sticks due to a bit of a slow start before a steep rise in acceptance. And the growth isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Still Waiting For Transparency and Other Musings On Consumer Driven Healthcare

by Jason T. AndrewThe shift to a value and outcome-based reimbursement model will turn healthcare on its head. Price transparency is just one of the first examples of many.

How the Affordable Care Act Has Boosted Medical Tourism

by RenÈe-Marie Stephano, EsquireA growing number of Americans and employers are seeking creative paths to inexpensive and first-rate healthcare. What they have found is not always available at their doorsteps, but many miles away.

 You Know the Drill: Our Annual Dental Survey Part II

Welcome to Part I I of California Broker’s 2014 Dental Survey. We’ve asked the top dental providers in California to answer 28 crucial questions to better help you, the agent, understand their benefits, features, and services. Read the responses and sell accordingly.

Life Settlements: California Couple Sues Lincoln National

by Corey WeissIn January, a Rancho Mirage couple filed a class-action lawsuit against Lincoln National for failure to disclose the life settlement option. An advisor’s duty to exercise the reasonable care standard is hindered by carrier directives to conceal the life settlement option. Until this issue is resolved, lawsuits may become more common.

How Technology Can Improve MLR Results for Insurers

by Emily WashingtonInsurers need to make sure that their MLR reporting systems reflect their source systems and are audit-ready. Using technology to streamline processes just makes good business sense, particularly with data from so many sources.

Life Insurance: View From The Top Life Insurance Survey Top Life Executives Give Their Views on the Industry

by Leila Morris • The life insurance market has picked up, but continues to face challenges that began with the Great Recession in 2008, according to executives who participated in this year’s View From the Top Life Insurance survey. Find out how they’re dealing with this changing market.