Mindfulness in an Era of Change

Healthcare is a mainstream topic of conversation.  We often hear speculation about the future of healthcare and where it seems to be going.

It’s difficult to stay positive about our industry here in the U.S. The costs seem to be rising by the minute. Meanwhile, we need to continue the conversation over transparency, efficiency, prevention, technology, innovation, wellness and, once again, cost.

I admit I get extremely irritated when I hear negative conversations and sound-bytes insisting that, for example, “Wellness programs do not work.” Such statements are blatantly untrue and perpetuating this incorrect line of thinking will, in the end, be harmful to our population.

Healthcare is a journey. It is a work-in-progress and different for each person and industry. Each generation must set an example for the next and we should all be open to learning from one another. If we want to create a healthier world, a healthier environment, and a healthier community, we must strive to keep health care conversations positive.

It is certainly challenging to keep a positive mindset about a healthcare system that doesn’t seem to be serving us. It is natural and very human to worry about the future and the wellbeing of our families and ourselves. But the fact is, we must seek to overcome our minds’ weaker tendencies in order to enjoy a more fruitful future.

The questions we need to address are these:  Can we overcome our judging mind? Can we overcome our judging spirit? Can we let go of all expectations and try to experience the moment and only the moment? Can we agree that while you cannot really measure wellness programs, we can say one wellness program is working better than another?

Wellness programs are here to stay. Wellness programs are about living in the present moment and experiencing health. We’re all on the same life journey and we can surely agree that self-care greatly enhances the quality of our lives.

I can share with you that I am personally involved as an employer in my own benefits wellness program. And I can tell you firsthand that it works. I, for example, make a point of teaching my employees the basics of a meditation and yoga practice and have observed how these practices serve to make them happier and healthier people. It gives me endless pleasure to know my employees are feeling better about themselves and becoming more productive and resilient in their work and in their lives.

Some people learn the basics of wellness and self-care as children and others learn it as they grow older. There is no better time to practice wellness and be mindful about the process than right now. As part of the healthcare provider system, it is up to us to deliver the right wellness program to our clients for the right care and outcome.

Together we can practice keeping the conversation positive. We need to believe it ourselves so we are able to share it with our clients. It is all about a willingness to live in the present moment and understand that we are all healers. We can heal our fractured healthcare system and ourselves if we join forces together.

This is a journey we must take together. While the journey is long, it is well worth the effort. The future of our country’s entire system of healthcare is at stake. Wellness programs are simply the tip of the iceberg. The evolution of our healthcare system partially depends on our ability to convince legislators that healthcare is a lifetime journey of education and self-improvement. Wellness programs will blossom and come to fruition as we continue to offer them in new innovative ways. We have to find ways to keep people engaged. These wonderful healthful programs must be allowed to develop and grow. They will work. They are already working!

Let’s be mindfully aware and try to consciously keep the conversation positive. Let’s listen to each and every expert and truly hear their words. Let’s bring together the tech experts, the scientists, the providers and the artists. Let’s bring together the minds that want to heal our nation and want to keep the conversation going. Let us work together to fix the current issues and create a loving, happy environment in our world and in our communities. We can do this, as long as we stay mindful. We have the spirit. Now let’s make it happen! #NAHU #HUPAC #AgentsAreTheAnswer


Naama O. Pozniak, a member of the Cal Broker editorial advisory board, is Valley Village-based Paz Holding Inc.’s ( dba A+ Insurance Service) CEO. Pozniak has been delivering employer benefits for 30 years. She’s  a mother, a yogi, a speaker, a consultant, a healthcare strategic innovator, and a meditation instructor, certified by the Chopra Center. She is currently a certified healthcare reform and Medicare certified specialist and a Covered California Champion Certified agent. Pozniak was recognized as the Most influential Woman in benefit advising for 2016 and 2017. She is a Top of the Table producer and holds the life time Soaring Eagle Award. Pozniak was the recipient of the NAHU Distinguished Service Award for 2018 and is currently the NAHU Region 8 Media chair and LAAHU Community Outreach chair.