Health Broker Collaborators Can Help You With Annuities!

Tax friendly way to grow funds over time

Bringing annuities to your clients can help them solve their planning issues for retirement. Used as a retirement income vehicle, annuities can be a tax friendly way to grow funds over time and meet your client’s needs for financial planning purposes. Here’s a basic overview of annuities.

There are several types of annuities, but the three most common ones are:

Fixed and Indexed Annuities: These annuities provide growth based on either a fixed interest rate or on the performance of a index, often the Dow, NASDQ or S&P 5600. With a life and health insurance license you can get appointed and trained to offer fixed annuities or you can work with a subject matter expert (SME) who will work with you and your client to review the options and complete the application. You share in the success through referral fees.

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