Three Ways to Positively Disrupt Your Minds et Each Day

by Tony Rubleski

The past few years have seemed like an episode of the movie Twilight Zone crossed with the Hunger Games. Confusion, doubt and distraction seem to be winning the day for many.
However, it doesn’t have to be that way.
In my latest book, “Positive Disruption Vol. II: A Quote and A Question to Upshift Your Life,”
I lay out the case that when we turn inward and redirect our daily thoughts with positive questions and gratitude, we can significantly improve our lives for the better.
Here are three proven ways to positively disrupt your mindset each day.
May they guide you to greater happiness and positivity within your own life.

#1. Use gratitude daily to uplift your attitude.
It’s impossible to be grateful and hateful at the same time. When you focus on what’s working and going well in your life, you directly override fear, doubt, anger and the host of other negative thoughts that can easily creep into the mind. If we don’t program our thinking, others can jump in and do it for us. I encourage you to write down what makes you grateful each day.

Keep the list with you. Review it often. Read it daily. Reflect upon it and give thanks.
It’s a powerful and awesome habit!

I strongly recommend getting and keeping an updated written journal that you keep with you at all times. It can also serve as a wonderful reminder that the current situation shall soon pass and is only temporary.

#2. Look for the life lesson in each success or temporary setback you experience.
Here’s a great quote from the legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden on the importance of learning:

“If I am through learning, I am through.”

Self-reflection is a powerful talent and blessing to be utilized for wisdom, improvement and learning. In this sped-up digital world, slowing down and disconnecting at the end of the day or
on the weekend to analyze and reflect upon the week is incredibly important. A major clue as to why people experience either success or failure on a consistent basis is built on how they view,
monitor and reflect upon the lessons learned from the unique experiences of life.

We must never forget in the midst of life’s complexities, ebbs, and flows, that we all have a choice each day when we awaken: We can grow, adapt and keep learning from a combination
of the past (wisdom) and present moment (improvement), or we can choose the path of apathy and a negative mindset to stifle our growth, talents and abilities to see the potential beauty
and learning lessons that life brings each day. Again, capturing the distinctions and lessons from our daily lives and writing them down is another reason that keeping a life journal is so
incredibly valuable.

In addition, keeping a curious mindset each day helps us in many ways including:
*Allows space for breakthroughs, growth, fun and innovation
*It keeps life, work and relationships dynamic and interesting
*It helps to combat boredom and getting stuck in a rut

#3. Get moving and employ physical activity.
When we don’t feel well, life becomes hard. Our focus changes from activity and progress to slowing the bus to a crawl or a complete stop. We are built to enjoy and expand each day
on the journey of life and without our health, that can be difficult to do. I’m a big believer that simple things such as taking a quick walk, doing breathing exercises, and taking stretch breaks
are incredibly easy to do, while also incredibly easy NOT to do. It takes deliberate intent and recognizing when we are running our energy down. When we make our physical health a daily habit and non-negotiable priority, we can use it to power through dullness, stress, and negative mental thoughts to help recharge our mental and physical batteries.

There will never be another you. You are one-of-a-kind.
Everything you’ve experienced is a lesson in disguise, whether you know it or not. Take a deep breath, smile often throughout
the day, and realize that you’re a miracle. Each day is a gift. Health is wealth. This present moment matters. Let no one else attempt to sabotage or fool you into thinking otherwise.

TONY RUBLESKI is an in-demand keynote speaker, bestselling author, and business consultant who specializes in sharing
effective ways to capture minds and positively stand out in a crowded and noisy marketplace.

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