5 Ways the Benefits Landscape is Changing

New report offers insights for how brokers can pitch benefits to group clients now and in the future

By VSP Vision’s Global Innovation Center

Since 2020, the modern workforce and workplace have experienced seismic shifts in the U.S., with a new-found level of flexibility that is both freeing and unfettering.

Remote work has led to new opportunities (and even more questions), as employers adapt at light speed to these changing employee expectations. This flexibility has triggered unprecedented job movement, with women in particular leaving roles at record rates, and companies struggling to retain younger workers.

However, the always-on nature of remote and hybrid work, coupled with economic volatility, is also contributing to increased employee burnout, with nearly two-thirds of the workforce saying their work is impacting their mental health. In response to these workforce trends that are both empowering and exacting, innovations in benefits — new technologies, models, and segments — have emerged to help organizations offer holistic, individualized solutions that address an employee’s unique situation and needs.

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