Renalogic Introduces The Complete Intervention Program That Puts an End to Surprise Catastrophic Dialysis Claims Costs

 Cost containment alone is no longer the gold standard for managing risks associated with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). It’s better to avoid catastrophic dialysis, and CKD claims costs altogether. Now, enables Renalogic to manage cohort risks by predicting health states and future costs.

 PHOENIX, AZ, November 19, 2020 – Renalogic, the leader in comprehensive kidney care and dialysis risk management, announced today. is the first of its kind clinical intervention program powered by AI-based predictive modeling and is proven to help bend the catastrophic claims cost curve. is the industry’s most advanced kidney care management program combining intelligence with tailored intervention to reduce the associated risk.

“We’re putting an end to surprise dialysis claims and changing the prognosis while reducing the hidden risk associated with CKD,” Mark Masson, President at Renaolgic, said. “The shift to identifying previously hidden risk results in a new, higher standard of chronic condition management. Today, we are identifying future CKD risk earlier than anyone else. can accurately predict when individuals will progress to higher acuity stages of chronic kidney disease and when they will progress to dialysis without proper intervention. This enables us to control future risks and provide the right care at the right time. We are helping to avoid growing claims costs associated with CKD and dialysis.” arrives at a time when CKD continues to be the third-highest medical claims cost category. In 2020, estimated claims cost associated with CKD, which is often referred to as “the silent epidemic,” will total over $100 billion for commercial health plans. With new predictive modeling and AI, using hundreds of data dimensions, can accurately predict each plan member’s propensity to advance to the next CKD stage, including dialysis within the next 12 months. That’s every member, even those without a CKD diagnosis. This makes it possible to avoid the risk associated with CKD and dialysis by delivering personalized intervention based on much more than the member’s CKD stage, including their trajectory and expected progression toward dialysis.

For more than a decade, Renalogic has been using data to mitigate CKD and dialysis risk. Now, is the next evolution of predictive modeling powered by AI. reports with 90% accuracy in identifying where and when CKD and dialysis claims will appear in the future. Over time, predictive modeling will improve as it continues to think and learn as a “doctor.” gives health plan administrators a look into future healthcare claims costs and utilization. “When we know what’s coming, we have time to avoid an emergent start to dialysis,” Masson said. Renalogic, a pioneer in dialysis cost containment, is again leading the industry by adopting a modern, AI-driven approach. “By taking the guesswork out of hidden risk, we’re giving health plan fiduciaries an extraordinary advantage compared to other dialysis cost containment options. layers claim cost containment and cost avoidance. What’s more, the proprietary predictive intelligence indicates plan needs and could present additional savings for plans year over year.”

The Renalogic Kidney Dialysis Avoidance Program (KDAP) successfully slows, stops, and even  reverses CKD progression. Nearly 80% of active KDAP members who have participated for six months or more have maintained or improved their CKD disease state. identifies additional risk earlier, identifies gaps in care, and is the leading indicator for each member’s dialysis trajectory. This makes personalized intervention as unique as each member’s fingerprint a reality for Renalogic clients. 

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For nearly two decades, we continue to be proud, forward-thinking leaders in a niche industry that is in crisis. We are an ambitious disruptor driving positive change to contain the catastrophic costs of dialysis. We are changing the way plan administrators think about dialysis. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) costs are an epidemic issue that will not resolve on its own. The logical approach is to get ahead of the curve. We are one company, one cause, leading the industry by empowering our clients to avoid dialysis altogether with solutions and technology for kidney disease management. No one does what we do. We exist to open minds, achieve sustainable results for our clients, and advocate for kidney disease management, dialysis cost containment, and prevention

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