Where California’s Candidates for Governor Stand on Fixing Health Care

Gov. Jerry Brown never had to decide whether to support single-payer health care because a bill never reached his desk. But just because the Legislature isn’t considering it this year doesn’t mean the idea has died — and even without it, California’s next governor will have plenty of health policy problems to worry about.

The top six gubernatorial candidates not only differ when it comes to single-payer, they disagree on what to do next to fix the state’s $400 billion health care industry. And few offer specifics on how they would implement their ideas.

California’s next leader will inherit a long-standing problem that was only partly fixed by the Affordable Care Act, which President Trump and congressional Republicans have taken steps to weaken since 2017. Before the law was fully implemented in 2013, 17 percent — or about 7 million — of non-elderly Californians lacked health care coverage. Three million still aren’t covered, including 1.8 million undocumented immigrants. (read more)