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Friday April 18th 2014



Obama Advisor Draws Fire for Jab at UnitedHealthcare

DanPfeifferDan Pfeiffer is now getting slammed for pushing back against a cancer patient’s claims about Obamacare by posting a link to story blaming the insurer.  President Obama’s top adviser Dan Pfeiffer has taken aim at the heartfelt op-ed penned by a terminal cancer patient about the disastrous impact of Obamacare on her treatment. Pfeiffer tweeted a jab at the argument presented by Edie Littlefield Sundby, who is battling stage 4 gallbladder cancer, in her Wall Street Journal piece about how elements of her treatment will not be covered with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, since her insurance company won’t participate in the new program. After the op-ed heard ’round the world gained considerable media coverage, Pfeiffer took to Twitter to place blame at the feet of Sundby’s insurance company for dropping the ball, not the administration’s reform. He posted a link to a Think Progress story, “The Real Reason That The Cancer Patient Writing In Today’s Wall Street Journal Lost Her Insurance,” but soon earned disdain for targeting a vulnerable patient according to a report in the New York Daily News.