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Wednesday April 23rd 2014



Latest Amendments to AB 975 Conflict with Federal Affordable Care Act

SacramentoSince its introduction, Assembly Bill (AB) 975 has faced bipartisan opposition. It was scheduled to have been considered in the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee. That hearing has been canceled, however, and the bill removed from the committee’s jurisdiction.  It’s clear that AB 975 is now on life support thanks to yet another series of last-minute amendments designed to save it from scrutiny and tough questions. Multiple, unrelated amendments and legislative ‘committee shopping’ prove that AB 975 is not a genuine health care issue. It is a special-interest political attack against nonprofit hospitals without concern for the consequences to Californians. The recent amendments put California in direct conflict with federal guidelines of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  California’s current law was the model for the ACA’s community benefit and charity care guidelines, with state and federal law
s now in close alignment.