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Friday April 18th 2014



‘Job-lock’ and the Republican Dilemma Over Obamacare

CBOIt is now recognized that, no, the Congressional Budget Office didn’t say that Obamacare would lead to job losses, but instead that it would allow many workers to voluntarily leave their jobs or retire without giving up health coverage. Even House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) felt the need to get things straight at his hearing Wednesday, February 5 on the CBO report. “Just to understand,” he queried CBO Director Doug Elmendorf, “it’s not that employers are laying people off?” “That’s right,” Elmendorf replied.
But it’s now becoming plain that the CBO finding creates a problem for Republican critics of the healthcare law. That’s because relieving millions of Americans of “job-lock,” which is what the CBO is talking about, is something the GOP has favored for years. In fact, it was a selling point of healthcare proposals they put on the table prior to 2010, when they decided to abandon the field of healthcare reform.