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Saturday April 19th 2014



Feds, California Penalize Adventist Health


In 2008 doctors sued Roseville CA’s Adventist Health in U.S. District Court in Sacramento over the way doctors were being compensated by White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles. Eric Havian, one of the doctors’ lawyers, said the payments violated federal laws. Doctors should refer patients to a particular hospital “because it’s the best place you should go for treatment, not because (the doctors) got a little perk.” He said his clients “wouldn’t play ball” with the arrangement and received less favorable treatment at White Memorial. Another lawyer for the doctors, Michael Hirst, said, “Patients have the right to their doctors’ best judgment without worrying that the judgment has been tainted by financial gain.” Some doctors received inflated fees for teaching at the hospital, according to the lawsuit. Another group of doctors received medical supplies and other assets at no charge. The hospital also forgave loans made to some doctors according to a recent report in the Sacramento Bee.