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Friday April 18th 2014



BART Strike Will Be About Health Care Costs

BARTMany California commuters were inconvenienced earlier this summer when Bay Area Rapid Transit services were forcibly suspended for four and a half days at the hands of a union-led strike. This weekend, the Amalgamated Transit Union threatened to resurrect that strike if BART management officials refuse to adequately concede on hot-button issues, namely pensions, health care, and wages. Citing a 251% uptick in health care costs and a 152% uptick in pension costs over the last 12 and 10 years, respectively, BART is not compelled to further inflate the cost of labor. Although workers admittedly pay an extra $17 a month towards their health care benefits, the contribution far from compensates for the vast increase in payments that BART has seen over the last decade according to a report at