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Thursday April 24th 2014



ObamaCare, an Insurance Agent’s View

ObamacareNever in the history of people talking about “Things They Know Nothing About” have we had so many people saying so much about something they know so little. Of course we are talking ObamaCare.  The most astonishing thing to me and others in the health insurance business is that the people behind this plan clearly know little about insurance, and even less about selling it. If they did, the first thing they would do is stop saying ObamaCare is about insurance because it isn’t. Health insurance means insurance companies work the actuarial odds of a person getting sick and the probable cost of treatment. That’s what insurance companies do. Health, auto, life, homeowners, or business insurance is basically all the same. Insurers project risk and costs based upon the law of large numbers and actuarial historic data and create a policy product the public will want according to a recent opinion piece published in