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Wednesday April 23rd 2014



Multi-Status Families Brace for Health Care Reform

healthreformflagFederal health reform will leave out California’s two million undocumented immigrants, a dilemma for multi-status families. Nationwide there are  8.8 million families in which some family members are here lawfully and some aren’t. They are what policy wonks call multi-status families — that is, within one family, there are people who are undocumented, people who are citizens, and, in many cases, people who are legal permanent residents. Come 2014, when the individual mandate goes into effect and the exchanges go live, about four million California residents will gain access to some kind of coverage. That includes millions of legal permanent residents who are not citizens. But the law isn’t perfect. For one thing, legal permanent residents who have been here fewer than five years will be required to buy health insurance under the individual mandate but won’t be eligible for the exchanges or expanded Medi-Cal services until they’ve been here five years. according to a recent story in