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Half of Employers Will Hit Cadillac Tax in 2018
by Leila Morris – 9/24/14

Despite efforts to rein in health care costs, roughly half of large U.S. employers will face the excise tax in 2018; and the percentage is expected to rise significantly in subsequent ... Continue Reading →

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Public Support for Rate Regulation Decreases
by Leila Morris – 9/17/14

Support has dropped by nearly 30 points for heath insurance rate regulation (Proposition 45), according to Field Poll results. The Health Insurance Rate Changes initiative would require ... Continue Reading →

Employees Need More Information About Their Benefits
by Leila Morris – 9/10/14

This enrollment season, employees have a message for employers about their benefits: “Tell us more, please.” Only 33% of employees rated the benefit education they received in ... Continue Reading →

Employer-Sponsored Family Health Premiums Rise a Modest 4%
by Leila Morris – 9/3/14

Annual premiums for employer-sponsored family health coverage reached $16,351 in 2013, up 4% from in 2012, with workers paying an average of $4,565 toward the cost of their coverage, ... Continue Reading →

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Brokers Are Failing Their Clients
by Leila Morris – 8/27/14

There is a disconnect between what brokers are providing clients and what clients want, according to a survey by Zywave. The survey reveals the following: • 65% of employers want ... Continue Reading →

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Employers Shift Health Care Burden to Employees
by Leila Morris – 8/20/14

Employer-based healthcare plans are in a state of flux following this year’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Since health care costs in retirement have long been ... Continue Reading →

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The Future of Employer Based Coverage
by Leila Morris – 8/14/14

Employers are likely to continue providing health coverage as long as they get a federal tax incentive. They will also provide coverage as long as it remains a competitive advantage ... Continue Reading →

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Bundled Payment Experiment Fails
by Leila Morris – 8/6/14

      California hospitals faced disappointing results in a recent experiment with bundled payments. Researchers at Rand evaluated a pilot program, coordinated by the ... Continue Reading →
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New Annuity Disclosure Requirements
by Leila Morris

Governor Brown signed into law AB 2347 (Gonzalez), which extends important consumer protection on annuity products that are commonly marketed to seniors. The new law requires disclosure ... Continue Reading →

Employees Unhappy with Benefits and Employers

When asked how they like their benefits, employees gave the lowest rating in six years, according to a survey from Unum. Only 47% say their benefits are excellent or very good. Only ... Continue Reading →