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Health Insurers Must Reinvent
Their Business Model Toward Consumerism
by Leila Morris

Health insurers must change their business models now to address a growing wave of consumerism, according to Psilos Group’s 2014 Healthcare Outlook. “The health insurance industry’s ... Continue Reading →

New Law Enables Comparisons of Drug Coverage in Exchange Plans

Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill (SB 1052) that will allow consumers to better compare prescription drug coverage when selecting a health insurance plan. The law by state Sen. ... Continue Reading →

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Half of Employers Will Hit Cadillac Tax in 2018
by Leila Morris – 9/24/14

Despite efforts to rein in health care costs, roughly half of large U.S. employers will face the excise tax in 2018; and the percentage is expected to rise significantly in subsequent ... Continue Reading →

Covered CA Still Struggling with Doctor-Access Issues

Covered California continues to struggle with problems involving patient access. As the health exchange prepares for its second open enrollment, it is redoubling efforts to ensure that ... Continue Reading →

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Public Support for Rate Regulation Decreases
by Leila Morris – 9/17/14

Support has dropped by nearly 30 points for heath insurance rate regulation (Proposition 45), according to Field Poll results. The Health Insurance Rate Changes initiative would require ... Continue Reading →

Employees Need More Information About Their Benefits
by Leila Morris – 9/10/14

This enrollment season, employees have a message for employers about their benefits: “Tell us more, please.” Only 33% of employees rated the benefit education they received in ... Continue Reading →

60-Day Limit on Waiting Periods for Group Health Contracts Repealed

California passed Senate Bill 1034, which repealed an insurance law (Assembly Bill 1083) that prohibited insurance companies from including waiting periods in excess of 60 days in their ... Continue Reading →

View from the Top:
Life Insurance Survey

by Leila Morris The life insurance market has picked up, but continues to face challenges that began with the Great Recession in 2008, according to executives who participated in this ... Continue Reading →

Private Health Exchange Survey 2014

Welcome to our first annual private exchange health care survey. Private exchanges gave detailed information about their plans. We hope that this valuable information will help you ... Continue Reading →

Employer-Sponsored Family Health Premiums Rise a Modest 4%
by Leila Morris – 9/3/14

Annual premiums for employer-sponsored family health coverage reached $16,351 in 2013, up 4% from in 2012, with workers paying an average of $4,565 toward the cost of their coverage, ... Continue Reading →